The company Azyl Production was in years 2005-2012 the major producer of short films in Slovakia. After the success of movie Candidate they extended their portfolio not only on producing of series A 100 opinions for RTVS, but on series for internet portals as well. Production is focusing on co-operation with debutants mostly.

  • The movie AMNESTY
    AMNESTY is being made as an epic movie for the 30. anniversary of the Velvet revolution. On the background of great social changes, the breakup of communism and creation of democratic Czechoslovakia takes place a dramatic story of three families that are together intertwined.
  • This autumn in cinemas new movie from our production - DOGG
    Who says he´s not afraid, lies. Four short stories that builds on one of the most common human emotions - fear. Four directors together with four directors of photography created an illusion of tension in separated stories. The fear of both, visible and invisible, it´s ability to morph into new shapes. The fear can have different forms.
  • The Circus Metropol
    In august we start with filming of new movie.
  • Vietnam - European Film Festival
    Kandidát became the seventh most visited movie at European Film Festival in Vietnam. More
  • Kandidát again in France
    In november the movie Kandidát will be shown for the third time for french spectators. It will be screened on festival "Cinéma La Turbine" in city Cran-Gevrier. More